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Friday, June 1, 2012

Chasing the dunya..

Why is it that we chase the dunya,
We know it will never last
Slipping from our fingers each time we try to get closer
A shadow,
Dazzling... just like a mirage..

Its beauty can be blinding,
Leading to procrastination
Almost mind changing.

But why?
The beauty,
Simple whispers.

Shaytaan our enemy,
Venomous whispers
Making you forget your purpose.

Fitting in,
Clothed for fashion,
Abandoned worship
Living for the dunya
A sweetness but yet so bitter.

Remembrance only falls on what you see,
No further
Sinking vessel
Purpose lost.

Has shaytaan won?
Are you going to be the next victim of the dunya?
Or will you triumph?

Worship Allaah,
Make dua,
Command the good, forbid the evil
Become rich in good deeds,
Feed the miskeen
Be right in manners

Dont lose out because of this dunya, a deceiving prison it is.
Your home with Allah awaits you, but you must earn it before reaching it.
As the clock ticks you are closer to death, losing a chance... so take the chances Allaah gives you,
Each day you live is another chance, so take it and implement good and be obedient to Allaah.

Let the dunya chase you instead of you chasing it.
Live to please Allaah, don’t live to please His creation.
Be a stranger O Muslims


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